KYQ (kyq) wrote,

My week? My week, my week, my week. Where to start?

I guess it's been semi-cold as always, though there have been some periods of warmer-than-usual weather. Had an 'exam' on Friday, of which studying for it had kept me busy. Okay, I only really studied on Thursday night, so sue me. IT went okay I guess, been a while since I've had a written test of any sort.

Aside from that, I guess I've been busy being grouchy as always. Met a few new people though. Liz is someone I've already known since last semester. Interesting girl, who's not afraid to speak her mind and is delightfully loopy. Probably one of the loopier girls I know (and trust me, I do know a lot of girls. It's the nature of the course I guess). And her two friends, Mike D and Mike C. Mike C's a pretty cool guy who likes video games, movies etc. My kind of person I guess. Mike D's on an army scholarship, so obviously, he's a soldier. Was interesting to exchange army tales with him. Has it been almost a year since I left the army? How time flies..

Aside from that, it's been lots of misc work, some Team Boston, some Phantasy Star Online (I hit lvl 100! w00t!), and I've done a tad bit more MSG Man 10's script. Yeah.

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