KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Man, how fast the weeks fly by. Lots of things have happened in the past 2 weeks or so, and it's kinda crazy.

Did my group project for my Organisational Communication module, where we had to pretend we were a consultant firm helping out a fake organisation that has fucked up. As much as I wanted to be the Spokesperson, I ended up being the Webmaster instead due to everyone else being 'computer illiterate'. Frankly, that was surprising, since our generation of people are always perceived to be the computer savvy ones. Oh well. We did good anyway, all of us getting B+s for that.

Also did my first ever, Japanese Midterm exam. That went well too, got back the results yesterday and nabbed myself a clean 92.5 (Kubo sensei sure loves strange numbers). Didn't mind too much that a friend of mine in the same class beat me by .4 %. No big, I did make some silly mistakes anyway.

And now it's just a matter of days before I fly off to Seattle for my spring break! It's gonna be cool to see Jules and Will again, but it's gonna be a real treat to see Anny, someone whom I've never met face-to-face before. It should be good, my upcoming flu and recent crankiness not withstanding. Life's pretty decent I guess.

Game wise, I got myself a PSP and it is utter sex. SF Zero 3 was the main reason why I got it, and it's pure love. A portable, arcade perfect, no, superior conversion of an awesome game, and PORTABLE. It's like the fighting gamer's promised land, only that it's a reality now. That just blows my mind.

Maverick Hunter X was an impulse buy (and some influence from my University friend Sean), but also turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. If Capcom really does remake the remaining X games as well as this, I might end up turning into a Mega Man X fan...

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