KYQ (kyq) wrote,

How is everyone? Good I hope, cos I definitely can't quite complain myself. Recently, all I;ve been doing is adjusting back into the school routine again, ever since coming back from Seattle. It's not that bad being 'alone' again, as I've always operated well alone. To an extent anyway.

On the plus side, I got new psp games!

Gundam Battle Tactics was a no-brainer for me. I am a mechophile, and I appreciate all sorts of mech designs, not just Transformers. Hearing that this game was similar to the Capcom made Gundam X vs X (where X is a faction of whichever series the game is based on), I had to buy it and I can say I'm fairly satisfied with it. It's a solid mech action game, though I'll admit I've two nitpicks with it.

Firstly it's a bit slower and slightly more sluggish than the arcade and PS2 games. It obviously slows down too when the action gets really busy. Still, it IS based on the original MSes, and they were slow things. It also doesn't make it any less playable.

Secondly, the targetting system isn't as solid as well. In the arcade and PS2 games, you just pressed a button, and your mech will instantly turn and lock on to the nearest target. Here however, you have to manually make your mech face the direction of the enemy you want to attack, and then press the button, which makes it lock onto the opposing mech. Obviously, this makes attacking enemies behind you a pain in the ass. With some skillful dodging though, it's easy to manage, but I can see some people not being so forgiving with it.

Overall this is a great game for mech geeks like me.

DJ Max Portable however, was a game I wasn't totally sure about. I have always been a big Beatmania fan, and back then, there were MANY pretenders that emerged trying to ride on its wave of success. Being the fanboy that I was, I obviously scoffed at these pretenders, especially the first offender, called EZ2DJ.

However, DJ Max is amazing. I had stopped playing Beatmania (and its upgrade, Beatmania IIDX), because the music had got to shit, and Konami also refused to improve the game in anyway. They also ported BM to the Gameboy colour, but never brought it to the GBA, to my immense chargrin.

So hurray for Pentavision, who had way more foresight than stupid Konami. Not only is DJMP finally a chance for old BM hats like me to have our fix on the go, but it improves on the formula like how Guitar Hero did to Guitar Freaks. The music, despite my initial reservations about a Korean game, is excellent. The graphics are amazing, having proper music video quality graphics, instead of the shitty animations Beatmania kept rehashing. Did I mention the music was great? I did? Good. I will again. The music is great.

SO there you have it. My PSP is powered up more now. Time to play!

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