KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Happy Birthday to me

Well, that was quick wasn't it? In a blink of an eye, bammo, I'm already 23 years old. That's just freaking bizarre. I remember many years ago when I was a kid, just 20 years old seemed like an age that would never, ever come for me. And I here I am, having exceeded that age by 3 full years. Scary. Anyway, thanks to all for the birthday wishes, I really wish I was at home right now....

But enough about that, MSG Man Chapter 10 has been progressing along well, and with my new MICRON FINE LINE 6 PEN SET, I am ready to kick all sorts of butt with this chapter. BOOYAH. Yay for progress!

Now to wait for my GF Soundblaster & G1 Beachcomber to arrive, my Birthday presents to myself. Oh, and Battle Convoy & Blaster....and Capcom Classics Collection PSP...

Yeah. When I treat myself, I treat myself. So sue me.
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