KYQ (kyq) wrote,


So much for confidence in myself. Got perfectly pathetic results, failing a total of 2 subjects out of my 3 main ones, as well as marginally failing General Paper, leaving me with a fantastic E for English Lit. Wheeeeeeeeee. What's the goddamn point in studying if I still fail??? Now now, don't YOU or ANYONE give me that "You are you studied hard enough?" SHIT. I DID study for my fucking exam, I did sacrifice plenty of good gaming time, I did sit down on that damn chair reading those damn notes hoping to get a damn decent grade, and I DID PUT IN SOME FUCKING EFFORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what's the point in continuing really. So much for Law School, not like I wanted to go there in the first place anyway. Adieu Law! Adieu Triple Bs! Adieu! Adieu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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