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[May. 17th, 2006|02:40 am]
Wow, not updated this thingo in ages. Well, let's have a recap on what's happened recently with Kangsaur (that's me), shall we?


Just kidding. Well, I've not mentioned about my current roommate, Cheick Habib Ouedraogo. He's a negro, french speaking Canadian dude that has an Arabic name. He's quite a cool dude I guess. Speaks great french, a lot more quiet than my old roommates, and generally chats with me now and then but doesn't cause a ruckus, which is fine with me.

Other than that, I've really not been doing much at all. Class has been average, being mildly interesting though I do get to write my short essays about anything related to New Media, which includes video games. So that's not so bad.

In other news, I have finished drawing MSG Man Chapter 10!!!!! Inking will begin and then the colouring will follow. Soon my friends, soon...

[User Picture]From: dez26
2006-05-17 02:32 pm (UTC)
Did you finish it last night?
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