KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Again, another holiday has come and gone, and I find myself with this feeling once more. It's strange really. This has been my first long holiday back at home. On one hand, it feels as if it has passed way too quickly, and I find myself not keen on going back.

Yet on the other hand, I probably have more than overstayed my welcome. Sitting around for 2 months has kinda given me a sense of deja vu, akin to when I had just finished my army (of which, I had more than 4 months of sitting around doing nothing).

I've concluded that I no longer have a place or purpose here. Everyone has their own lives to get back to. Their own work to do and their own purpose to fufill. These are things I no longer have here. Going back is not only something I have to do, but something that I guess, is for the best.

Anyway, flight details are

2 Sept, SQ26, 2350.

For anyone who's interested.


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