KYQ (kyq) wrote,

It's late Friday night (or early Saturday morning if you wanna be picky), and I'm bored, so let's do an entry shall we?

Life has gotten into that routine stage, which is both sorta comfortable and robotic to the extent that it's a little strange and disturbing yet good at the same time.

Studio work itself is already pretty fun most of the time, and the office job ain't so bad either.

There's Dan, who's my office manager and the first guy I met on my first day of work. He's an all around great guy who's funny and all that. Also helped that he's new too, so in a sorta abstract way we were a little similar in that sense. Also fun to talk to about random things, as well as not-so-random things (I admit to having raved about TFs to him).

Two other people I feel like talking about are Bob and Viktoriya, who are both people at the studio. Bob's the Studio Manager, and the first guy I corresponded with via e-mail and all that. He's a pretty funny guy, though far more wry than Dan is. Not much to say beyond that, other than I don't see him as often as I thought I would, considering how much we exchanged e-mails last year.

Viktoriya on the other hand, is awesome. From Ukraine, she's probably one of the most amazingly charming women I have ever met. Always friendly, charming, encouraging, paitient AND funny to boot, she also has tons of experience in the fields of radio and tv. In short she's the perfect teacher/mentor/friend. And she looks like Vice (from KOF), which is just cool. Too bad she's like, married. Did I say that out loud? Guess I did. Hey, it's late okay?

Anyway, ideas for my next comic, Iron Musketeer, are flowing in at a crazy rate. It's really falling into place very nicely, in no small part thanks to contributions from Sean(US) & Sean (SG). Chiefly in the form of ideas tohelp iron out the 'science' parts and plot parts respectively. In due time, I hope to wrap up MSG man (as I'm tiring of it greatly), and start on it ASAP. Yeah.

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