KYQ (kyq) wrote,

President's Day

So Monday (today my time), was President's day, giving me a sweet long weekend, despite missing out on CNY. Hope you all had a good time.

Work last week was pretty busy for me and all, with more shows ACTUALLY turning up. Also did a separate shoot on Friday for a client. Kinda accompanied with, together with 2 other interns, to shoot a Black American History dance sorta thingo. They did a whole series of dances from 'Africa to America', sorta thingo. Was pretty cool, but a shame we didn't stay a bit longer, would've loved to see the hip hop dancing.

I was invited (or did I invite them? can't remember) by Yuna & Kumiko for lunch, and I decided to take them down to a restaurant in Chinatown that serves Malaysian food called 'Penang'. Was a good time , and the food is definitely decent. They tried a Nasi Lemak together, and I digged into a Chicken Rice, which really really hit the spot. I swear to god, I am so sick of Burgers and Hot Dogs and Pizza. I can still eat subs though, subs are cool, since Quiznos is made of win and awesome.

So, that's it. My long weekend. Aside from all this, sessions of PSU with Sean (US) was spread out in between, and now I have a fucking cold and stuffy head. Bleh, I'll live I guess. Back to work soon, but at least this week's not without a perk.


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