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Baccalorate Service [Oct. 11th, 2002|12:23 pm]
[mood |Whatever]

Yep, it was just that today in school. Somehow it's odd, admist all the emotion, the crying and the laughing and well wishes between many friends, I just felt emotionless. Admittedly I've made great friends in my past 2 years here in ACJC (my college, duh), and also met some great teachers, I feel nothing for the school. Quoting a line from an M-flo song "Deep Within", "I don't wanna feel any bitterness, but that is all you've left me with!". Indeed, these two years have been my worst academic years in a while, I've been exposed to a culture of immense pretentiousness, been passed up on positions I clearly deserved in favour of some dumb ass dip wad who just looks prettier AND they expect me to feel sad? True, while some of these things are partially my fault, still it wouldn't have happened in any other school, which BTW, is supposed to be a place for LEARNING, not a place for students to practice politics on one another. Hence, while everyone was taking photos with one another and talking with their teachers and all, I just left. Besides, it's not as if it's the last time anyway, there're still the A levels................and I've got far better things to do, like worry whether I'd be able to do well, and the Army.