KYQ (kyq) wrote,

So how has my week been, you may ask? Let's do a brief rundown, yeah?

Classes have been pretty decent, as said before. 2 Communications classes (Broadcast Management, Audio Production) that are quite great, and 2 Japanese classes (Japanese Popular Culture, Japanese Conversation & Composition 302) mean that I really can't complain at all. Good Professors and generally a decent time all around.

Went for a play with Michelle, a colleague/fellow intern during my time at BNN back in Jan. She's a great gal whom I enjoy being around and it was great of her to invite me out for dinner and this play.

Can't quite say the same for the play itself sadly.

The play, Dario Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist, is just your typical satirical play that bashes the government and police brutality on innocent people. It's just the usual government/society bashing, which is already extremely tiring and overbearing by this point.

Take into the fact that this version was updated to include your usual Bush bashings and we have another helping of 'been there, done that' with this play. It certainly didn't help that the cast thought it'd be funny to consistently break the fourth wall, pretending to lament about the pains of a touring production, and referring to one another by their real names and breaking character here and there. Sure guys, you might think it's cute, but seriously, it's not and it's just makes a confusing and overbearing play even more so.

Oh, and there was a fair bit of overacting, as is per normal of a school production. Ironically, most of the overacting came from the actress who played 'the maniac' (who is a male character), who isn't a college student.

Overall. Play was bleh, but time with her was good.

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