KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Catching up X 2

Got myself Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP just today, and it's pretty damn good and all, but also is kinda funny to me.

As it states, the game has Rondo of the Blood, some old school Castlevania game that never made it to the US and is quite revered, in a new 3D remake. As it also includes the original 2D version, that pretty much makes it 2 games I've never played, due to me being a very casual Castlevania player (only have the GBA and DS titles under my belt) and will now get to try for the very first time.

The 3D remake of Rondo reminds me a lot of Maverick Hunter X and Goku Makaimura. It preserves the 2D ness decently well, but it feels like a little finesse and speed is lost. The framerate is smooth but a tad slow, and it doesn't help that Richter himself moves kinda slowly. He's so badass, he's not in a hurry to leave Dracula's castle! Take that, and some rather dodgy jump controls, and it has potential to irritate.

Only, it hasn't really for me - I kinda like it. A lot. Sure, I'm a decently old school gamer at heart, so that gives me some tolerance, but still, challenge never hurt anyone, and it IS beatable. Just...not that easily. Yeah.

Oh yeah, it also includes Symphony of the Night, yet another classic game I never got to play back in the day (what was I doing then?? Oh yeah, I was too busy with SF Zero 2), but finally will now. It's ported quite decently, only hitches being some rather long load times. Other than that it seems good enough for me.

The translation's apparently been revised, and best of all? VOICE LANGUAGE SELECTION. More companies should fucking do this. Atlus does it nearly all the time, and finally, Konami's learning as well. Other companies, take note.

So yeah, the value of this pack is undeniable. Rondo is great old school action, with the 3D remake to help the newbies settle into it, the original version for the anal purists, and SOTN is there as a great carrot dangled in front of your face. SOTN itself could've easily been a separate game on its own, but here it is together with another great title.

2 1/2 games for the price of 1? I say yes.

Also you can't deny the awesomeness of Norio Wakamoto voicing Dracula.

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