KYQ (kyq) wrote,

TF: Animated - impressions in brief

- I still dislike the art style. While I've definitely warmed up to some of the designs (Screamer, Megs, Ratchet and Prowl come to mind), I still think the art style kinda sucks balls.

- The animation quality, and writing are definitely far better than anything we TF fans have gotten in the past five years (This counts Armada, Energon and Galaxy Force).

- Starscream, Megs and Ratchet rock

- Animated Prime doesn't do much for me. He looks more like a Megaman character, his voice, while understandably youthful, just lacks any authoratative tone to it at all. He look silly without his face plate too, which he doesn't put on often enough.

- Sari is kinda cute, but then I like Tara Strong, so I'm biased.

- Overall, the series has potential I guess. It's great for kids, and the writing definitely holds my interest long enough to finish the 1 hour pilot.

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