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To my dream and back [Dec. 9th, 2002|01:17 am]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Well just got back from Japan and being there has been the same for me as the past 2 times. It's the first time in a while where I'm myself, not in my usual "Distant" state, but actually totally conscious, and loving it. With my life going to change dramatically in less than a month, I'm glad I could enjoy this with my friends, in the country that I love so much. True, Japan has its flaws. Things aren't cheap, Tokyo's smoggy, it gets too busy. But I love japan for what it is, its past, present and future, and I have my friends Icc and Drew and Will to thank for being able to share this with me. Japan is probably the one place where I feel I belong. I might forever be a "gaijin" to them, but it doesn't matter. My Bro and sis might have the UK, but I have Japan. Here, I am myself, I am someone else, I am free. This might have been the last of my trip to Japan, but it certaintly hasn't seen the last of KYQ. Now to prepare for Australlia.