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It's 2008....

And I don't do resolutions, wish lists, or other rubbish. Yet, I don't wanna leave you all without any meaningful content from yours' truly. Thus, I present!!!! -

KYQ's Top 10 Toys of 2007!

Conditions: It has to be a toy (this counts PVCs, dolls, model kits, etc) that I purchased this year, regardless of when it was actually released. And err..that's it. Yeah. Without further ado!

#10 - 1/100 Akatsuki Gundam

Ahh yes, the Akatsuki Gundam. With enough chrome on it to blind a dog, this is one great kit that is surprisingly resistant to finger prints and whatnot. Folks, this is no ordinary chrome!!!

Why it's in the list- It's piloted by my favourite Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny character, Mwu La Fllaga (or one version at least), it's got a great design, good articulation, nice weapons and a display base!

Why it's not #1- Chrome still is chrome, and chrome is evil. Being a model kit, it is thus, not very durable for play, which I generally don't favour. Gundam Seed Destiny is kinda Passé by now.

#9 - Gundam Seed Megahouse Action Figure Collection Fllay Allastar

Good ol, under loved, over hated Fllay. Often called the bitch of the series, I adored Fllay from Gundam Seed for the very reasons people hated her. In a show full of crying, whiney, semi-gay pretty boys, a bitchy, backstabbing, protagonist shagging chick was a VERY welcomed sight. Hell, she even died and left the protagonist feeling all guilty and shit. That's awesome.

Why she's in the list- Great face/hair sculpt, nicely done outfit, she's a great character.
Why she's not #1- She was a little costly, and lacks a lot of things other dolls her price range come with by default (a display stand for instance). Seed is also extremely passe.

#8 - Transformers the Movie - Lawson's Exclusive Blackout

This was a HUGE year for Transformers, with the release of the live action movie. By most accounts, the movie was a huge success, raking in cash by the...many many zeros, and all that. Out of all the movie TFs in the flick, Blackout was one of the first the public got to see, and as they say - first impressions count. Nothing screams good impression better than blowing shit up, and blew shit up he did!

Why he's in the list- Great example of how a paint scheme makes or breaks a figure, far far far more improved over the regular mass release toy, awesome overall aesthetic design, exclusive nature means I have one and you don't.
Why he's not #1- Still possesses many of the regular toy's problems (breaking Automorph, slightly floppy joints, tiny size), exclusive nature means he costs an arm and a leg...and maybe a bit of your soul too.

#7 - Transformers the Movie - Leader Brawl

Another entry from TF The movie, Brawl is one guy that probably isn't as recognised no thanks to Bay's shitty camera work, brief screen time, negligible character development, and the fact that they fucking got his name mixed up. Regardless, he kicked ass, and he has the honour of being one of the few Decepticon toys to scale, and being my most fave Decepticon toy of the movie line.

Why he's in the list- Well designed overall, imposing appearance and will definitely be noticed, just a ton of fun, who fucking doesn't like tanks??
Why he's not #1- Perpetually popping up head is goddamn irritating, could've used more paint detail like weathering, etc, not much of a character.

#6 - Movie Realization Kamen Rider The First - Kamen Rider 1 vs Kamen Rider 2

The surprise entry of the year! I know next to nothing about Kamen Rider, other than I know it's old, it's about super heroes who strike exaggerated poses and yell out special moves, appeal to kiddies and have had a neat new movie. And that to me, is sometimes more than enough.

Why they're in the list- Classic characters with kick ass new designs, GREAT articulation and quality, nice paint finishes, reasonably priced, LOADS of fun.
Why they're not #1- Joints can get loose, antennae are puny, easily lost, and a BITCH to put in, I know little of Kamen Rider, but that may change...

#5Transformers - Masterpiece Skywarp

When there's G1, there're the Decepticons. When there're G1 Decepticons, there're the Seekers. Skywarp being one of the seekers, thus makes him an instant buy when he got the Masterpiece treatment. The fact that he tends to get passed over fairly often when it comes to toy updates, and generally having a superior colour scheme, made me decide to choose him over Starscream. Now GIVE US THUNDERCRACKER YOU FUCKERS.

Why he's in the list- Classic character that's often forgotten, fantastically designed toy that looks awesome and has loads of great, meaningful gimmicks, face change is hilarious.
Why he's not #1- Shares Starscream's problems, which includes the fragile wing joint curse. Being a repaint robs him of some 'new toy' freshness.

#4 Revoltech Danbo

Yotsuba& is one of the best comics ever written on this earth. It's funny, cute, sweet, and utterly insane all at once, and doesn't contain a single booby, monster, or pretty boy. That is the master work of Kiyohiko Azuma. Danbo (or Danboard if you prefer), appears as a disguise for Miura, a character in the comic, and is utterly hilarious. There's a great irony of having the latest in articulation technology, and applying it to a mere cardboard box robot.

Why she's in the list- Anything Yotsuba& related is gold, surprisingly detailed for a box robot, also surprisingly articulated, cheap.
Why she's not #1- Anyone aside from Yotsuba& fans won't know what the hell it is.

#3 Transformers the Movie - Leader Optimus Prime

When you have a Transformers line, you normally always have an Optimus Prime. The live action movie was no exception. While I too, had my doubts when I first saw the first designs for the movie, I warmed up to 'Movie-mus' Prime quickly, and his large, leader class toy did him justice. Definitely a great buy, possessing many features that collector class toys normally only have.

Why he's in the list- Great design, durable, great for the kiddies and big kiddies alike, it's a great modern take on Prime.
Why he's not #1- A tad chunky in spots, soft plastic used for smoke stacks looks ugly, most people might find him annoying to Transform, but fuck them as they're wimps.

#2 Revoltech Yotsuba

Yotsuba is the embodiment of Yotsuba& like how...well...any main character of any series is really. She's a great, bizarre and utterly insane character without ever being annoying or cliched, and her having a great action figure with revoltech's awesome joint technology was a dream come true. Give her a display stand, swappable parts (from scenes in the comic to boot), and you have one of my favourite toys, ever.

Why she's in the list- Faithful to comic design, good articulation, cheap, meaningful accessories, she's Yotsuba.
Why she's not #1- Curious lack of white paint for her irises (I painted mine myself).

And last, but not least................

#1 Transformers - Masterpiece Megatron

From the number of pics I've taken of Megatron, it should be fucking obvious how psyched I was, am, and still am for this toy. Many robot lines have designs that are nearly impossible to faithfully replicate in the 3d toy realm, and a tiny handgun that turns into a huge robot is definitely one of them.

Many felt Megatron could never EVER be made into a Masterpiece toy, but Takaratomy thought otherwise - and proved us all wrong. Take this project that possesses almost legendary level of ambition, and that he's essentially a toy that's illegal in many countries, and we have my favourite toy ever of 2007. Oh, and Megatron is awesome too, but we all knew that.

Why he's #1- Fantastic attempt on a seemingly impossible design, all without cheating, removing parts and whatnot. Looks awesome, displays great, awesome to scare the shit out of people with. It's FUCKING MEGATRON.
Why isn't he perfect?- Is a tad wobbly, expensive, extremely hard to get for some people (sorry Aussies), a total nightmare to transform (for you, not me.).

And there we have it! Happy New Year and all that jazz!

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