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Life updated

It's been a while since I've made a lengthy, 'meaningful' post, so here goes.

Things have been pretty busy the past few weeks, both an 'expected stuff' busy, and a 'crappy shit' busy. The latter has been mostly in the form of being hit by yet another case of fraud/stolen identity, only this time it was through my paypal account. Additionally, the arse also attempted to make a direct, ACH transfer with my account information too, all to a ''.

Mr. Shadowfiend, whoever you are, watch out. I will bash your head against the nearest wall and throw rocks at your Grandmother.

Anyway, enough of crap, onto other less crap things. Work has been expectedly busy, what with a new variety show having started in our studios on Fridays. With Friday already having another variety show on it previously (a bilingual, musical oriented Spanish community based one), this makes Friday quite the variety show bonanza. Well, as far as anything at BNN goes anyway.

Work's also been busy due to this being the last month of my stint there. The job's definitely been more challenging than I initially thought it would be in many ways than one. The work and increased responsibility required extra diligence and less screwing around on my part, which definitely took a bit of getting used to. No longer can one just phone it in at work, especially if you're getting paid.

Other challenges also include, if you've been a regular reader of my LJ, getting used to working with my new studio manager. Things got off on a shaky foot initially, what with the previous studio manager having gotten fired and DEFINITELY not leaving on friendly terms. With my ex-studio manager being a fairly docile guy, and the studio...supervisor(?), Viktoriya, being one of the nicest people on Earth, my current, more fiery personality (and tempered) manager definitely rubbed me the wrong way at first on many occasions.

But in work, you rarely get to choose whom you want to work with. If you want the job and want to make the most of it, you make it work out, one shouldn't frown and throw a fit and expect it to make itself work out for you. If you ever wanna get anywhere in work anyway. And work out it did - we've become much better friends now, and I can safely say I've become quite a reliable 'No.2' for her, which was my aim.

Yet, I grow tired still. I enjoy my work at BNN, I really do. I've probably spent about a year in total working at BNN, and it's provided me with fantastic experience I'll never be able to get elsewhere, especially not in Singapore. If you think Mediacorp is gonna let some wet-behind-the-ears rookie into THEIR *awesome*</sarcasm> studios for an internship, and then, a PAID co-op job, think again.

I've been able to get a lot of great experience at BNN, and have made massive progress as a result. From barely knowing how to use a camcorder, to now being able to direct live shows, work a switchboard, mess with sound a bit (that's still tricky), video edit  and use a camcorder/studio camera, I can safely say I'm the man.

I have done lots of very meaningful work, mostly in the form of shooting pieces for my client/friend Mr. Haywood Fennell Sr, who's a Veteran who supports the Arts and helps the Black youth community get off the streets and using their energy for more productive (and artful) things. I've always had a lot of respect for the Black community, and being able to contribute what I have has been really awesome, as little as it has been.

Why do I feel tired though? I guess like how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got sick of Sherlock Holmes, I too feel a little fatigued from doing nothing but community TV shows day in day out. It's great experience, but it's all normally very cut-and-dry stuff, with still shots and whatnot. I feel rather creatively stilted TV production wise -  I need to do something dynamic. Something exciting. Something fun.

Something I like.

When I get home, I am going to snap up a camcorder, and I will shoot my own tokusatsu/Kamen Rider like short film. Perhaps. No, not perhaps. Definitely. I'll need to find people, but that's another issue I'm sure I can handle.

Anyway, briefly, MSG Man 12 has been coming along rather slowly, but it's definitely nearing completion. My energy is running very low though, and I've been starting to have thoughts about postponing the conclusion to much later, and actually spending some time to immediately work and maybe even start Iron Musketeer. Perhaps doing that teaser chapter first to recharge, and then come back to finish off MSG Man? We'll see.

Man, I need a break to recharge and relax real soon (triple Rs!). Definitely looking forward to coming home.

Yes, even to cosplay.

Speaking of which...are we still doing that Persona 3 group thingo? I've had Akihiko on my mind for a while damnit. Look what you've made me into!!! *ahem*
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