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I'm gonna come clean now. I'm scared. Dead scared. Not just of National service, but everything in general. As the years pass on, I find myself slinking deeper and deeper into what I call, my "sub dimension". Basically, I don't feel as if i'm really here. Everything I'm doing, while I feel my body perform it, I'm not totally conscious of it. My life's also changed so much, and I'm unsure on how it'll be this year. With NS being a huge thing already, would I still have enough time for anything else? Will I finally get that Band going with Drew, Icc amongst others and will I be a good vocalist? Will I ever find "her"? Will I survive NS or die by a grenade or get detained for stranggling a Sergeant? Will I do well for my A levels and proceed to University or will I be a ronin for the rest of my life? Too many questions and no answers. And ironically, it's the answers that I'm afraid of. Tremendously.

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