KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Movie Project - 'Emergency Squad Chief Enforcer' update

Okay here's an update. First, the current list of who's helping out, or has expressed interest in helping out:

iodinesoup (Sean)- CG guy, assistant storyboarder

shindohikaru (Auel) - Main  character

outbreed (Mark)- Main villain, music/sound guy

saharasnow (Nevar)- Photography/make up

marchecoz (Marche)- Post production assistance

jacinthe86 (Halima) - Assistant Director/camera

We still need people to play as random bad guys and well, help in general! For people interested in being bad guys, all I ask is for a completely black attire comprising of a black shirt (long sleeved is best), trousers, shoes and gloves as well.

Second, the script has been completed and will be forwarded to people who need/want it. Just poke me on MSN or something and I'll send it to you. It's still a little rough, but it's mostly for camera directions and all, and not so much in the way of lines, so it's not exactly top-notch writing ^__-;.

Third - I need to confirm a day for the shoot where everyone who is involved is free. At the moment, the tentative date is the 16th of August. But we definitely need a secondary date as well due to some frustratingly unconfirmed obstacles.

Auel for instance, has Ops Manning on that date and it's likely he may be mobilised and called back to camp. If we can arrange another date where everyone is free in the late morning.

My proposal is the 17th of August, or if a weekday is possible, the 18th.

Peeps involved, please do let me hear your suggestions of a shooting date, thanks!
Tags: movie, project

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