KYQ (kyq) wrote,

So I need a break from studying from midterms

...and decided to do another silly ass meme. Only this one is a bit more interesting.

Got the letter T from purajo 

Comment and I'll give you a letter.
Then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter.
Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

1.  Toys
Gosh, this one was obvious from the beginning. What can I say about toys? They bring me much joy in more ways than one. I enjoy collecting them because they help calm me down even when I'm at my angriest. They remind me of my childhood and the good times I've had playing with my siblings and cousin. They have inspired me and helped ignite the imagination I need so much whenever I draw a comic or write a story. Toys have always been a huge industry, but it's cool that in recent times, it's finally being taken seriously as an art form and not just something for kids.

Toys, represent.

2. Takaratomy

Heh, since Hasbro's already been mentioned, I figured I should mention their Japanese counterparts. Very much like Hasbro, I have a huge love-hate relationship with them too. They tend to have more 'awesome' days than unawesome ones compared to Hasbro such as their versions of toys generally being of better quality. But in their down days, ho boy. They can be utter rubbish too (TFC#1 reissue Jazz, MP-03 Starscream's stressing joints, MP Megatron's obnoxiously oxidising metal joints, and their glorious paint apps and mismatched parts in the Henkeis).

Still, I'll admit that I'm generally more willing to let things slide for Takara as their track record is overall better than most companies, even though they make some wall-head-butt-inducingly bad mistakes from time to time.

3. Taku Takahashi

One half of M-flo, possibly one of my most favourite Japanese groups/duos of all time, Taku Takahashi, or just 'TAKU', is easily the creative force behind the group. I'm no real judge of DJing, but boy can he DJ/Spin/Scratch/Remix like a pro gone insane and not only does he make his own m-flo tunes sound great, but he also makes otherwise very dull groups sound awesome. Just listen to Chemistry's 'Now or never/Astrosexy' and try to tell me that the song would've been the same without Taku's work on it.

4. Tokusatsu
Another obvious one if you know me even half decently. Although my love for Tokusatsu seems like a recent deal, I've probably been a closet Tokusatsu fan for almost all my life. Growing up watching bad dubs of Ultraseven, having taken glances of Kamen Rider back in the 80s (but never really getting into it...until now!), I've always loved the classic awesome/cheesiness of Tokusatsu. When it comes to giving you that heroic rush of energy, making you feel that you can take on an entire world of bad guys with nothing but your special moves, flashy outfit and BURNING HEART OF JUSTICE, nothing beats Tokusatsu shows.

5. Takehito Koyasu
He's Mu La Fllaga.

The end.

6. Travelling
Travelling is one thing that I'm very fortunate for having done a lot of in my childhood, and even into my early adulthood. Travelling is not just a good stress reliever/inducer - it opens up your mind and perspective to whole new worlds, in many ways nothing else can. Why do people make fun of Americans for being narrowminded, self-centered people? One reason is that many don't make the effort to travel (although some reasons are very valid). The world has gotten smaller and has advanced a fair bit over the years - and it didn't get that way by people sitting in their rooms all day playing MMORPGs. It got that way because people travelled.

There're so many things I want to do and places I haven't had enough of (good ol' Nihon for one). Travelling is one thing I want to do more of when I'm in a comfortable working swing. If I had it my way, I'd always be travelling, and never stay in the same place for too long.

7. Talking
Communication is ever so important in the modern world, but yet it's so often neglected in one way or another. People either aren't talking enough, or not talking properly. Miscommication of ideas through a poorly thought out sentence is one thing that bugs the crap out of me. If you can make the time to worry about your pretentious cup of coffee at your pretentious coffee joint, or to make sure your precious branded clothing's not crumpled, you can make the time to say "Sorry" properly when you're clearly wrong. Likewise if you're thinking of getting all sorts of stupidly overpriced chocolate or flowers or whatever useless material things for that special person, you're probably way better off if you can just tell her how you feel with honest words from your heart or showing it by being the best person you can be, everyday, anyday.

If you want to get anywhere in this world, you need to talk, in one way or another whether through your words or actions. It's not always easy to do, I for one have had a lot of trouble expressing myself especially as a kid, no thanks to the terrible system I've had to grow up with. But I've learnt to appreciate the power of being able to talk well and convincingly, in one way or another. The world has no time for timid, shy mumblers - and neither do I.

8. Tidbits
I just like my snack food, whether it be chocolates, sweets, gummis, instant noodles or whatnot. Hichews, Giant Pocky, Marks & Spencer Jelly Babies, Cola Gummis, Gummi Bears, Ferrero Rocher, Milka Strawberry Yoghurt Milk Chocolate Bars, Twix, Snickers, Almond M&Ms, Lemonade Mike & Ikes... the list goes on.

9.  Time
It's always something everyone feels they never have enough of, even myself. But the best part about time is that unlike many things in this world, it's always fair. Everyone has the same 24 hours a day, the same 7 days a week, the same 30 (ish) days a month, and the same 365 days a year. "I wish I had the time to do (X)" has always been a weak excuse for anything. As the saying goes, time is made, not found. Like everything else, it's never easy to fully utilise your time meaningfully, and to make time for everything, but anything that's worth doing is never easy.

10. Truth
The truth, not lying, and generally keeping things real, sincere, and honest. It's always been something that's been stomped on, bent out of shape, and manipulated by so many people. But it still remains as one of the single most important things to me. No matter how much it hurts, how hard it is to say, it's always better to be truthful to people. Keeping the truth or telling 'white lies' to people creates pent up emotions, and pent up emotions can grow and fester like a disease and eventually explode into a cancer. It's how teams are disbanded, how groups split up, and how friends grow apart.

Nothing lasts forever, but one shouldn't let the fear of the repucussions of being truthful cause friendships to fade away even faster than they already do.
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