KYQ (kyq) wrote,

So over the weekend...

Managed to do some character designs for Iron Musketeer. These are still sorta tentative, but definitely much more solid than before. Trying to attempt a slight different sort of art style, one that's still comic-ish, but with a few more realistic touches than I've attempted before.

In an alternate future, the world undergoes its biggest crisis ever. Attacked by powerful, ghost-like beings dubbed 'Phantoms'; people, cities, and even countries, are utterly destroyed and left in ruins.

Soon, only 7 countries are left standing against the Phantoms. In what seems like a miracle, a new formula is discovered. A formula that enables one to harvest heat into concentrated capsules of energy. This grants the remaining 7 countries the edge they need to fight back.

Using this new found, almost limitless source of energy, now dubbed Thermal Energy Capsules(TECs). the countries each pick their best pilots and fight back using new robotic suits powered by TECs, the Anti-Phantom Units (APUs) After a long struggle, they manage to drive off the Phantom threat and the world is saved.

Having learned from this close victory, the remaining 7 countries agree to unite and work together to honour the fallen countries and rebuild the world.

Each country is rebuilt into a city, with all of them under a massive protective TEC powered shield. Dubbed 'World City', the shield works non-stop, protecting the remaining people of Earth from the now harsh, inhabitable environment.

Each city also sets up its own advanced Military Academy to train their youth to operate the APUs, preparing them should the Phantoms ever return.

So this here is a character design for my upcoming comic, Iron Musketeer.

As you might able to tell from the title, it's going to be more sci-fi oriented, but also with some elements taken from classic literature works.

With some more designs and tweaking and once I get more confident with modifying my art style, I can probably start on the script for the teaser chapter soonish.

For the individual character descriptions so far, just pop by my dA page.
Tags: character designs, comic, iron musketeer

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