KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Dumbass police and random toy pics

So on Friday after class, I made a beeline straight for my dorm as always so I could catch forty winks before my next one.

But lo and behold, suddenly a police car drives by (the University Police) and the officer inside asks me to stand aside and answer some questions.

After taking down my ID and all, it turns out that I somehow fit the description of some schmuck that stole someone's laptop in the Library.

Nevermind that all Asians probably look the fucking same to them.

Nevermind that I was nowhere near the computer area of the library.

Nevermind that I was IN CLASS THE ENTIRE TIME.

The same officer even called me on my mobile phone just minutes after he let me go, being all "You were seen on camera yaddayadda who was that black guy and other asian guy you were talking to?"

Don't you assholes have anything else better to fucking do? Leave me the hell alone, I've absolutely no interest in stealing some dumbass careless girl's laptop. I just want to be alone, play video games with my friends, draw my comics and play with my toys.

I acted super-duper (annoyingly so) polite to the policemen, so let's hope that shook them up, for it definitely shook me up a tad.

Anyway, enough about unpleasant shit. Speaking about toys -

Tags: decade, dumb shit, kamen rider, masked rider, toys

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