KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Had to get this off my chest

This is going to be a huge rant, so turn away NOW if you think you're too sensitive.

In recent years, we have made tremendous progress in terms of many things, such as technology for instance. We have iPODs, airplanes, cars, etc you name it. However, I swear to every thing that's good, on the flip side, we are devolving on one of the most basic things that has made us a so-called 'intelligent' species in the first place - proper fucking communication.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I am no Grammar/Spelling Nazi. A lot of people aren't so great at English for instance, and a lot of words, tenses amongst other things, are extremely tricky things to grasp. Even words like 'awkward' are well, awkward to spell and all. An occasional, honest to goodness mistake? Sure. No one is perfect, and I for one definitely am not, and regularly make similar mistakes all the time. Hell, that earlier sentence was in danger of being run-on; a classic English composition mistake.

What really grinds my shit however, is how more and more people these days are showing obvious signs of just not giving a shit. Not giving a shit about what they say, how they say it, and what they type or how they type it. 'Irregardless' , 'wierd', mixing up 'your' and 'you're'. If these weren't bad enough, more and more people are using tons of stupid, meaningless, USELESS words to act as sorry excuses for 'replies'. I'm sure you've seen this before.

A: So hey, this is my new artwork/new costume/new thing I've written/new whatever etc. Check it out, tell me what you thinK!

B: lol.

I mean, COME FUCKING ON. What annoys me is not the word 'lol' in itself. Okay, maybe it is, as it sounds stupid (those of you who chat with me notice I use 'lawl' often, which is meant to be a mockery of it). The annoyance here is the sheer lack of THOUGHT in what was typed. Using it here and there if you're short of a hand or something and want to show that you find something funny, I can probably accept it. But EVERY DAMN TIME as a 'padding out'? Come on. Is it that difficult to type 'hahaha'?

Remember the time when people actually bothered to carefully think about what they had to say before saying it? It was because of the need for that, is why fewer people back then (to some unspecific time some years back) typed stupid crap like "lol your dumb".

Again, I repeat, it's not the act of the mistake really itself, but the fact that it shows obvious, gratituious, blatant signs that the person just does not give a shit and does not even want to bother making use of that one iota of brain-power to construct a decent sentence.

This is why the old foggies of today are always eternally ranting that youngsters today are getting dumber and dumber. When one wanted to answer a question, one used to request to "give me a tick, yeah?" and THINK about it first, before responding with something that didn't necessarily needed to be flowery, but just coherent and showing some thought.

Now? I'd bet he'd just go "lol".

If that wasn't bad enough, people can't even quote others properly. A thread on sgcafe has a topic title telling the creator's wanting to make a Smash Brothers group.

The quote?

"Show me you moves"

If one can't even be BOTHERED to stop for a milli-second to think, "Wait a second, that didn't sound/look right. I'd better take a look at the word that's right behind my blinking cursor and check, so that I don't sound like an absolute nincompoop.", then one does NOT deserve to say that he regards English as a language he can speak.

At all.

I think much, much more highly of a person who might not be too great at English and speaks clearly and with simple words, than a person who tries to be 'clever' and ends up saying stupid shit. At least the first person shows that he's THINKING about what he wants to say, and knows what he can or can not use, and what does or does not work.

Think, for fuck's sake.

It's how we've managed to get this far.
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