KYQ (kyq) wrote,

A tale of two belts

I actually had gotten kits to modify two of my existing Kamen Rider henshin belts. Aside from the mod to my Kiva belt which you can read about here, I also got a kit to modify my Kabuto/Gatack belt.

As I'm more of a fan of Gatack's design, I decided to make this primarily a Gatack belt, although you can swap between both buckles with no problems.

Without further ado -

The regular toy DX belt (left) and the new modded belt (right)


Video Demo (not done by me) -

- Looks quite a bit better than the plain, flat plastic DX belt
- Looks very show accurate now. I sometimes like wearing this thing just on its own (BUT NOT OUT IN PUBLIC MMKAY?!)
- Has Clock Up function
- Fits a much bigger waist size (although my own waist isn't that much larger than the maximum size of the DX belt)
- Has Clock Up function
- Has Clock Up function
- Did I mention it has the Clock Up function?

- Clock Up pad is pretty finicky as the battery contacts kinda go loose pretty easily and you'd have to disassemble the entire thing again to tweak it.
- Clock Up pad's mechanism looks a little flimsy
- Entire kit is probably a little overpriced? (about 9800 yen before shipping)

Overall though this kit is probably the most worth it amongst all the henshin belt modification kits, as it actually adds a new, missing feature from the original belt, upping its play value a significant amount. Of course, the cost is pretty high, but the addition of the Clock Up feature, as well as the much improved appearance of the belt almost justifies the price.

You can get them HERE(the chap speaks English and delivers overseas).

Tags: gatack, kabuto, kamen rider, random, toys

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