KYQ (kyq) wrote,

TF Animated Season 3 premiere brief comments and thoughts

- WTF Why does Perceptor sound like Stephen Hawking's vocal processor? I respect Hawking, but come on guys...

- Wheeljack, yay

- Sari 'henshining' is ridiculous

- Yay no more deus ex machina key

- Yay, more Shockwave

- lawl Rodimus pwned.

Overall, not a bad ep. Pity it's the last season. Trust them to cancel a decent thing, and bring us back to GOOD OL MOVIE STUFF THAT SO ISN'T GODDAMN STALE HOOORRAAAAAY..

*sigh* And people wonder why I'm getting so tired of Transformers sometimes.
Tags: animated, impressions, transformers

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