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Well, me and my roommate, Sean, went ahead and split the cost of Street Fighter 4 (Xbox360) between the 2 of us.

What I think? Well, to be honest I'm kinda torn about this game.

It looks pretty good and feels fairly smooth and SF-ish, lacking a lot of that slow, sluggishness that nearly ALL 3D fighting games tend to have (and thus, my general disliking for them over 2D ones). This is also one of the more accessible SF games out there, as my two roommates were able to pick up the basics easily without much futzing, unlike say, CvS2 which had a 1000 and one things to learn.

Yet, a lot of the game seems too dumbed down. Just one super for every character? And every character's Ultra Combo tends to be a powered up version of their super? Come on guys, let's not TOTALLY digress back to SSF2 now -___-.

I also miss parries from SF3. They were a technique that beginners and casuals didn't really need to use to do okay, but they were a fantastic tool for the veteran player. And if you're like me, I love to mess around with the technical stuff. Not just because it helps distinguish the boys from the men, but it's just plain fun.

The focus attacks in SF4 are kinda like a simplified, nerfed version of the parries, but with an auto attack. I guess it's alright, but again it seems really too dumbed down for my liking. The fact that this is the *only* real new addition to the game kinda makes me feel even emptier.

We pretty much had to wait 10 years for a new 2D Fighting game from Capcom, and we basically get a Street Fighter that's a watered down combination of SSF2, SFZero and SF3.

Yet, I can't hate it; it's impossible to. It still plays fairly solid, and it's a freaking new SF game. I thought the series was dead for a moment.

Even if this is the last hurrah for SF, at least it's a decent, albeit, underwhelming one.

Oh yeah, and Dan is epic.
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