KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Trailing Trailers.

So I was an impatient git, and decided to get the BTS Toys Trailer for my Henkei Prime. Here're some of my quick thoughts on it -


- Fits Prime nicely with good colour choices and maintaining that aerodynamic look well.
- Cheap
- Base mode is decent
- Includes roller too


- Roller being attached to the bottom of the trailer is kinda strange
- Trailer doesn't fit many of the other cars.

Finally, though this isn't really its fault, but the anticipation for Fansprojects' version of their trailer is also kinda stealing a lot of its thunder. Yes, I will be getting it too, and I will end up with 2 trailers. Good thing I still have a US Classics Prime then.

Still, it's a nice, cheap way to make your Prime more 'legit' and complete.

And now for a photoshopped shot!


Tags: reviews, toys, trailer, transformers

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