KYQ (kyq) wrote,


So I've arrived in Tokyo <s>my second home</s>, and it's still as familiar as ever. The lights, the sounds, the god it's good to be back.

Staying in the <b>Tokyo International Hostel</b>, which is....a so-so sorta place I guess. Lots of shared stuff - shared rooms, shared baths, which I can dig as it was probably the cheapest option for my sensei. However, what I kinda dislike is that the place has an 11pm curfew. To think I've lived for 26 years, only to be in a place that has a curfew once again. Goddamn.

But no matter, it is a small issue. The important thing is that I'm here, and I look forward to doing awesome-sauce stuff.

No quirky photos or toy pics yet, as ALL the guys in the group (about 7 of us), are huddled into one room.

Internet access is limited, as I need to leech off the wireless hotspot of a cafe downstairs. Take care all.
Tags: japan, life

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