KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Japan - the final leg

Hiya folks. Yes, I am alive, and quite a bit has happened since the last post.

Just came back from a homestay over the weekend, and it was definitely enjoyable if different. A fellow group mate and I stayed with an old couple and their mother in an old house all the way in Ishikari Toubetsu, a good 1 hour train ride away from Sapporo.

Being with them, although short, really struck me how different my lifestyle is from them. I'm a pure city slicker through and through, and suddenly here I was in pretty much a countryside setting. A place where there're plenty of fields and cows, and half the vegetables the family eats are grown in their own garden.

Nonetheless, it was definitely a very peaceful, relaxing place. A nice change of pace from the hectic schedule of running from place to place and classes et all. Not that I mind them; I am all about immersing myself in the society here and I've had tons of that.

Having revisited old places I know and love, to seeing new places I've always wanted to see, and doing things I've wanted to do (such as the homestay, practicing my Japanese...and even doing karaoke), this is turning out to be quite the complete experience I was hoping it'd be.



Tags: japan, life

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