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Long and lousy

That's how my week was my friends. Did training for my Standard Obstacle Course test, which is basically this: a 700 m run down to the course, which starts with climbing over a low wall roughly 2 m high or so, parallel bars, jumping over some barbed wire, onto a killer set of monkey bars (called "Swing Trainer"), up a rope to touch a bar, over a beam, onto a swinging beam, up a narrow beam (lots of beams eh?), up a set of stairs made only of logs (called a Jacob's ladder) and a run up a hill, jumping off a ramp and another 700 m run all in your helmet, rifle and skeletal battalion order which all weigh a good 3-4 KG or so. Sounds tiring? It is. And boy was it depressing. Let's just say I failed the test despite my best efforts and was really pissed. I yelled "FUCK!" really loudly when my arms gave way at the swing trainer and fell off the rope, hurting my arm (not seriously thankfully) and forcing me to fall out. What a way to go. But out of this, I've learnt one thing: that my instructors (sgts and all) really do care. My Sergeant (well, one of them) who was at the bars for the first time in my life here in BMT actually gave me a genuinely symphathetic look and said "Never mind, it's alright, there's still the retest". Even during our water parade after the test, he told us that "This water you're about to drink is to all the effort you've (as in my platoon) put in for the SOC, and regardless whether you've passed or not, give yourself a pat on the back". then again I shouldn't be surprised, since that the sergeants and lieutenants are all NS men themselves. We're in this together, and I'm going to miss them and my platoon mates when I get posted out by the end of next week. For now, MSG man plans occupy my mind, and I've got a score to settle with a particular rope.....

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