KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Cosfest '09 Aftermath

Wow, that was quite a rush wasn't it? The main reason for my recent absence in my online presence has mostly been prepping for the said event.

And what can I say? It was one huge whirl of walking/sweating/dying/posing about between an excessively warm, but wide area, or a reasonably cool, but excessively cramped area. Good times.

Many thanks to the likes of Joe, Sean, Elmo, Justin, Daniel and Leon for helping out with carrying stuff and essentially making sure none of us silly people passed out.

Many kudos to the usual peeps for their excellent cosplaying efforts. From what I could see/remember -

Inu for her great TB pairing with her friend whose name escapes me, as well as her ever-lovely Miku

Hiyuki for the return of *her* TB outfit, as well as the awesome Monster Hunter representation \m/.

Kie, Ariki and gang for the Gackt-ing/random Kamen Rider character-ness

Dusty & Lenne for their exquisite Symphony of the Night stuff

Kathy for accompanying me as Megumi and making sure I didn't fall into a ditch.

Huge congrats to Skye and Jill, naturally, for their victory. Enjoy WCS ladies, and try not to get too stressed, bwahahhahahahAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH


And let's not forget all the lovely new friends I made or got to know better.

Anyway, now to enjoy the rest of my holiday....

...and hope Emperor form gets here for August.

EDIT: Also my apologies to the chalet peeps for not being able to stay over as I originally promised. Space issues, and just being plain worn out too .___. ||| Err...I'll make it up with a dinner? *runs off*
Tags: cosplay, life, random

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