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Climax Support Part 2. [Aug. 3rd, 2009|11:26 pm]
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And here's the follow-up to yesterday's entry on what I call KYQ-is-kinda-free-and-is-experimenting-with-basic-add-ons! time.

Today, I've tested the stands out in doing action poses for Momotaros and Urataros. A single post isn't strong enough to handle the weight of an SIC. However, every base has 3 ports, allowing you to put in 3 different posts of different heights. Thus, this opens the possibility of putting in a lower, secondary post to support the figure.

Here's what I got.

Let's start off with everyone's favourite flavour of Momotaros - Spaz-cherry!

The same pic, sans photoshopping.

Momo Jump!!!

「このやろうううううううぅぅ」、「てめぇぇぇぇぇ!!」 etc etc etc.

The secondary stand can also grip onto some accessories with the alternate claws.

With some perspectives, it can produce some interesting results.


Ura Kick from another angle, to show how high he's suspended from the base.
And that's it for today. Stay tuned as I've yet to experiment the stands with more than one figure on a base. And let's not forget the other Imagin too.


[User Picture]From: kiellne
2009-08-03 06:05 pm (UTC)
うわ!かめちゃんかっこいな! わいわい!!!

モモタロス相変わらずばか。 \O/ (でも、本当にかっこい~)
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