KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Climax Support Part 3.

Continuing where we left off the last time, I finally have managed to get back to messing around with my SICs (primarily the Imagin) and the tamashii stage stands.

This entry's a little shorter than normal, as it's a little late, so I promise I'll mess around more next time.

For now, here's some experimentation with 2 figures on 1 base. Here's where it gets interesting:

Finally decided to display Plat Form (converted from Sword Form) as well. Posed with Ura to merely be a-typical.

The nice thing is, it helps stabilises close to the wackiest poses I can think of...for now.

Next time - err..more messing around?
Tags: den-o, imagins, kamen rider, photo, random, sic, tamashii stands, toys

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