KYQ (kyq) wrote,


Several weeks have passed, and I find myself just...thinking about stuff. About the next semester of school could possibly be my last; about my job prospects; about the upcoming toy con and fretting over my costume; and just generally thinking in general (Wow, that was a redundantly phrased sentence).

I'm definitely not depressed; although I am pretty worried about how things will turn out. Will I get a job easily, and if so, where would I end up and all that. I really would like a job in the US, as prospects are just that much better. But with the siblings also getting stints elsewhere and all, I'm starting to have a slight idea that being at home isn't a bad idea. Someone's gotta keep the parents company and all (even though I do occasionally think my presence is taken for granted).

Over the past months, I've also made many great new friends and gotten closer to existing ones too. It would be a bit of a shame to lose that.

But then, nothing lasts forever, and if I am to become stronger, I have to be like the passing wind - strong and determined, yet random and ever in-motion...

Tags: life, random

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