August 6th, 2002

It's not fair

I mean you all know I love Japanese culture a lot right? THen why the hell is it that all my life, all I've wanted is the chance to talk with some Japanese peopl (in japanese) outside of my (ex)classes, but who gets the chance to? OTHER PEOPLE WHO CAN'T SPEAK A TINGE OF THE LANGUAGE NOR GIVE TWO HOOTS ABOUT IT AT ALL!!!!! It's NOT FUCKING FAIR!!! My (ex)school mates keep telling me about how they met some japanese and "just chatted with them", and whenever I just HAPPEN to be having exams around the corner, lady luck gives Icchan a cultural exchange program and I can't come!!!!! Well you know what lady luck?! FUCK YOU!! I've made up my mind, once I find a course that I can possibily do, I'll study in Japan!! Of course, taking that there IS something I'd want to do there as well if I'm able to convince ol' daddyo. Sigh......
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I am Superion! (Aerialbots)

Created to directly counter the threat posed by the Stunticons, you were built by the Autobots on Cybertron to look like 6 earth jets (Silverbolt, Skydive, Fireflight, Slingshot, and Air Raid), and given life by Vector Sigma through Alpha-Trions's own self sacrifice. A formidable warrior team, you often take to the air against the Decepticons with much success. However this success has given you very large ego's, and brash attitudes. You're team often think themselves superior to everyone else, with the exception of Silverbolt, who is generally caught between keeping the team under control, and dealing with his own irrational fear of heights.

Take the Transformers Gestalt / Citybot quiz by X-Warlock

My favourite Gestault too!! :D:D:D:D Too bad his toy looks kinda sad now when I look at it again.