December 21st, 2002

Whee heee

Got Guilty Gear XX and .hack vol.3 yesterday. Jolly good stuff GGXX, never had such fun with a fighting game in a long time. Underneath what I thought was a wild, helter skelter exterior lies a viciously tactical game that I never knew till now. Also, Tokimeki 3 has made me a geek once again. Can't get that Zard song outta my head. Oh well, back to gaming!
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    Seven Rainbow - Zard

"Let me be with you"

Chobits has got to be one of the most sweetest animes I've seen in a while. Then again, I shouldn't expect anything less from the masters of sweet at Clamp. "HIDEKI!" Damn I wish I had a persocon myself...or at least someone as sweet as that who's always crazy over me and genuinely happy to see me home..... *stupid smile*