January 14th, 2003


As if there haven't been enough already, more changes are about to happen in my life. National Service is so close, I can almost lick it. My sister's going off to UK, with my parents accompanying her for about a week, tomorrow (or later today depending on how you look at it), leaving me home alone once again. Soon, I'll be Recruit Koh, and be coming home to an almost empty house. Sure, there're my folks and my dog, George, but damn it's gonna be quiet. Good thing I've got Icc and my whole Jim gang, #rosa and now, MSG Man! I might be worried and nervous, but I'm gonna face this year like a man! I won't be a coward like many and migrate to another country or something. Ore, kanarazu yaro ze!! (slurps noodles, dons shades, slaps on styling wax and puts on a cape before jumping off into the sunset...)
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    Wings - Band on the run