August 10th, 2003


Man, one thing I hate doing is looking back at stuff I did before not too long ago. Just noticed how shitty the entire MSG man comic's been and well....ick. The whole damn thing just looks so damn flat. Can't believe myself, but it's hard to do backgrounds many pages ~_~ Maybe I shouldn't get so lazyand use paint bucket so much or something or..... *end rant*

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Don't wanna sound whiny or morbid or anything, but I must say my thanks to all of you who know me and my art. Whether you really mean it, or you're just trying to be nice, it doesn't matter, thanks a lot, for I really am a shitty artist in my opinion. I can't draw lots of basic things, I didn't get certain basics down pat till recently and yet I call myself a 'comic artist'. I think, and realise, that I just suck.