June 6th, 2004

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Gaiden 1's pencilling is finished. Fina-freaking-lly. Now I can finally proceed with inking, colouring, and generally finishing the damn thing. Yay.

Let's all sing together now..

I like me~~~~~~~~~ I like me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok seriously now, another boring-o day in camp. Poor assistant is involved in a DAP (Dumb Ass Parade), throwing a monkey wrench into my plans for the month. Let's just say I've got 2 full weeks of duty up ahead for me (not in a row thankfully). I wanted more time to draw MSG man. Looks like I've got it....


Sometime later this month or so, will be the 2004 Official Transformer Collector's Convention, or the OTFCC. This is regarded as THE event for TF nerds (like me), for it has the usual stuff. lots of toys (new and old) on sale, guest stars etc.etc. Never mind that this year's convention has Peter Cullen, voice of OPTIMUS PRIME himself. Never mind that there's a competitive, voice acting session direction by voice director Wally Burr. Nevermind that I WON'T BE ABLE TO GO for this event. I think I'll go home and cry now...