September 25th, 2005

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It's funny how you have the best of experiences when you least expect to, and had no intention of having one either. Earlier today I was pretty much left alone wondering what on earth to do. Decided to take a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts. Seemed like a great idea. Only that it was hella crowded.

A little disgruntled, I went to deposit some cash in the bank, before heading back to my dorm. At the front porch, a friend of mine told me to try and take a walk down Massachussetts Avenue, that it's "very nice down there". Turned out to be the best bit of advice I've ever followed. Stumbled into a Jazz Festival, and it was max awesome. The people there could really belt out some seriously good tunes, and it was a blast. Turned out my friend didn't even know there was a Jazz Festival on, and "wished I took that walk". Heh.

Which leaves me to now. Again, roomies have invited an army of people over, and it's all drinking and yakking once again. Hence, it's back to me, myself and I. Sigh.

(no subject)

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