November 6th, 2005

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Wow, what a Saturday. Decided to go for a little outing with a friend from the TNR (Times New Roman, school's humour paper that I'm a part of in case you don't know), Sean. We went to Harvard Square initially, to show him where Tokyo Kid was. Still had nothing new, the pathetic place. So we did the next best thing - we went on a random journey in search of new stores to buy things from.

We must've walked for miles, and walk we did. Eventually we found a Toys R Us, and while it didn't have much, the journey was fun anyway. As if we didn't have enough, we walked back to near our campus area to visit the Virgin Megastore and then we went for the Unofficial Anime club meeting after that to watch Excel Saga. After all of it, it was a bit past 2 am. So we must've walked for 8 hours and at the meeting for the rest of the way. One helluva day I'd say. Gotta do that again. So refreshing to have a long, seemingly random and aimless walk in a large place that's relatively unknown to yourself.