December 31st, 2005


Well another year has come and gone and this year, like most others, has been a lot more eventful than I'd initially thought it was. Let's see.


Definitely finishing army. Good riddance you piece of shit. I've made lots of good friends yes, but the army's been more bad than good.

Making new friends and stuff in the form of the cosplay peeps at RC. Sure I don't know most of them that well, but that's what next year is for.

Art wise, it's been pretty good too. My style's finally taking big steps in the direction I want it to, and next year looks set to be better.


Leaving for Boston's been quite a big change for me. Days get lonely, and it gets so horridly cold.

Life's also gonna change even more when ol' Seano leaves for Sydney. Doesn't help that Australia has their seasons topsy turvy. Gonna be quite different not seeing him for most of the year.

Still overall I guess 2005 was okay. While I generally don't give a damn for New Year Parties, here's to a good 2006 I guess.