February 9th, 2006

Right, since I was tagged..

What is yours?
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Culinary: Mcdonalds' Well I'll admit that I do like fast food a fair bit. I don't know why really. But out of all of them, I hold Mcdonalds' in fairly high regard, as (singapore wise) the standard of the other joints like KFC and BK have dropped a lot. Also, Chicken Mcnuggest, Filet o Fish and Big Mac ftw
Literary: Fanfics Guess it's part and parcel of any fandom. I've not read or written fanfics in a long time though, and honestly I don't intend to.
Audiovisual: Hentai What? I'm a guy, and I watch anime. Every one watches a bit of it now and then. Any male anime fan who says he has never seen hentai is either holy or a liar.
Musical: Maroon 5 I hate a lot of their songs, but one of their songs, 'Sunday Morning', just hits a right chord with me. I love that song and I don't know why >_<.
Celebrity: Emma Watson She's just so pretty!

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maiyeng kronon dez26 purajo and inuran

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