October 10th, 2006

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Man, has it been a week since Botcon already? Wow.

Anyway, things have been okay. Columbus day today, so that gave me a nice 3 day weekend. Had 2 social events over the span of 2 days (Friday & Sunday), of which I drank a little. And in my case, a little is still too much. Thus, resulting in major headaches for ol' Kang.

Still, I guess it was worth it. Friday's was a dinner with the Times New Roman gang (humour paper of the school of which I'm now a senior member of), and the 2nd time was dinner at Yuna's place (you remember her, my korean friend). Was nice to go to Yuna's especially, as she's a nice girl and I got to talk to Kumiko again, who's also fun to talk to and practice teh nihongo with.

I'd say something more meaningful, but screw that. Instead, here's a picture of someone that arrived in the mail today:

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