September 30th, 2007

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Hmph. It's been a while hasn't it?

Was a pretty darn busy week, last week (it's Sunday as of this post FYI). Quizzes, homework, and having done my first Audio production project (I used Guilty Gear's May's track, 'blue water blue sky', to racing sounds), all have kept me busy. But I'm still surviving - Audio production is cool, Broadcast management is decent, and Japanese remains as my favourite class. I can't say I can complain much.

Well sure, I'm a little tired, and home's always missed, but I'm doing well.

Almost totally forgot that it was the Beantown Jazz Festival on saturday. This is the 3rd year I've caught this road fest, but the first time I've caught it from the beginning. In a way, I've Yuna to thank for that, as she needed my help to shoot her interviewing an acquaintance who was supposed to perform there.

He didn't turn up, and I initially got kinda annoyed at her for her tardiness (it was in the morning okay? Gimme a break), but I did enjoy the music which was awesome as always. Just wish Yuna'd stop being such a wuss. Yes, I am annoyed, so do something about it - just apologising isn't gonna help. Asian girls I tell ya. Definitely would want my girlfriend to have some 'balls', if/when/if ever I get one.

Aside from that, I've been playing shitloads of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, waiting for my MP Megatron rifle parts, and drawing lots of MSG Man Chapter 12 (2nd last in the series!). Progressive? I hope so.

Anyway, let's hope this week turns out okay. I'd better see my megatron rifle parts by this week, and my revoltech Yotsuba by next. Or there'd be....complications... *cracks knuckles*

KYQ, out.