August 4th, 2008


I posted this on a friend-based LJ community, but thought I'd cross post it here on my own LJ too.

Basically, I'm shooting a movie, and I need help!

KYQ's Movie Project
Theme: Tokusatsu/Super hero movie.
Think along the lines of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai/Power Rangers/Rescue Squad stuff.

Who's in:

Myself (duh) - Director/Script Writer/Story boarder

iodinesoup - CG dude, and assisting with script writing/story boarding

shindohikaru - TEH MAIN STAR!!!!!!!1one

outbreed - Music/Sound

What we still need
Bad guys

A main bad guy - costumed

Random helping hands - to hold up sheets/temporarily operate the camera etc.

Hell, an extra camera would help loads

A damsel in distress


Other things that I might not have thought of?

Hopefully, we can begin shooting the week after next (the 10th), and it will most likely be on a weekend, or whatever day everyone's free on. Shooting should be done in a day, with a bit of luck.

Obviously payment is kinda impossible here, but you will get my eternal gratitude. Not to mention it will definitely be a lot of fun, and it'll be something cool you can add to your portfolio!

So if you are interested, or know someone who is, please do drop me a message/email/whatever! My contact number is 93687750 and email is ore_wa at yahoo dot com. Thanks all!