December 26th, 2008

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Thanks to everyone for coming to the party, helping to finish the food, watching my crappy documentary and generally humouring me as I spouted really bad jokes all night.

Happy Boxing Day and all.

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Bah, been feeling somewhat ill the past few days (so if anyone who went to my party gets a cough or cold later, my apologies), but managed to do a fair bit of stuff anyways.

Firstly, Kamen Rider Kiva Shoot

No real idea exactly when it's gonna be done, but it's likely to be Monday (29 Dec) at around 12 or 1ish or so I guess. If anyone's super bored and wants to see a retarded guy pose around in his tight (and hot, and stuffy...) costume, feel free to come and point and laugh XD. It's not gonna be anything big in the least  bit, just a kid playing with his new 'toy'.