October 5th, 2009

Emperoral modifications

Heya all, what's happenin' ? 

Sat on my arse all day doing a paper and having inner mental turmoils about strange dreams I've been having involving going to long out of business fast food joints, and ordering 2 helpings of side dishes and complaining about getting an ice cream of a fruit flavour I dislike that I did not order.......

For details on that, give me a buzz on MSN or something if you're interested...

ANYWAY, my roommate actually went out to the art store that we were supposed to go to together, but didn't due to the rain, and got me velcro tape, bless his geeky heart.

With that, I was able to make the necessary modifications to Emperor Form and it's now almost 100% road-ready for conventions and the like.

Took some really quick pics, and most of them suck balls as it's kinda difficult to do all this by yourself when you're physically and visually impaired, but you'd get the idea:

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