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 The SHFiguart of whom I call 'She who destroys the worlds' (or at least, just the Imagin), arrived today with my SIC Kiva! YAY NEW TOYS FOR ME!!

For tonight, here're some pics of Hana -


My thoughts in brief -

Overall it's a fairly average figure to be honest. The anime aesthetic doesn't really fit in that well with neither the SHF Imagin nor the SIC ones, although it's also not *that* bad.

The feel of the figure is a bit cheap and rubbery sadly, especially the fringe piece. Also, the joints are a tad of an eyesore, and her hips are way WAY too wide, making a few more girly-like poses a bit tricky.

She's an okay figure I guess, if a bit underwhelming, made even more so by her price. For SHF's first female effort, she's passable, but doesn't compare to the Figmas. But if you're a Den-O fan, you probably still need her to beat the shit out of your Imagin, which is a lot fun. But if you don't really feel the character, you can probably skip her.
Tags: den-o, hana, imagins, kamen rider, reviews, shfiguarts, toys
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