KYQ (kyq) wrote,

Up to my old tricks...

So here's the run-down of the week in brief, I suppose. 

Lots of bouts of disrupted, irregular, and just plain insufficient sleep. I've always gone to bed with lots on my mind before, but these past few weeks have been the first time I've had them disturb me to the extent that I keep waking up at an ungodly hour, resulting in my need to take a nap later on in the afternoon.

I know the old mantra, don't let things bother you too much and all that. But as I am a spoilt fool that has never known real hardship, I think a bit of suffering like this would do me some good. Don't worry about me, this is character building stuff.

But enough about that, in the bits of free time I've managed to create for myself, I've found myself going back to a few old things. 

One of these things is re-reading my old chapters of MSG Man again. I know I probably sound like a complete fucking idiot, but reading them again has surprisingly been kinda...enjoyable? 

I still think most of the art in like, 10 of the 12 chapters is terrible and the writing is spotty...but I think I'm starting to realise how much people used to like reading them, and it's made me recall how much fun I've had doing it too.

Not that I ever gave it up, don't get me wrong. But I was definitely getting tired of MSG Man and to a small extent, comicking in general. But rereading all that, along with getting reenergised with doing other things these past few months (socialising, cosplaying, etc), I found myself slowly getting back to it again.

So yes, I've started writing the script for MSG Man Chapter 13, which is still going to be the finale. I'm definitely looking forward to finishing this long bit of work of mine (it's been like, what? 6, 7 years now?), and definitely looking forward to starting on a new piece of work, whatever it may be.

Non-comic stuff wise, I attended the John Coltrane Memorial concert tonight at my school and it was....awesomesauce.

No really. It was totally awesomesauce.

Granted I went because I had to do a paper on it for class, but I'm really glad I did. Being a big Jazz fan, and wanting to know more about this influential man, I'd have gone anyway.

Just an excellent, excellent night of great music by truly passionate, fun-loving people.

A pity Yuya (my old Japanese TA) couldn't make it at the last minute, so I had to go alone. But I met up with an old client from BNN, so all was good.

Ups, downs, and everything in-between.


Tags: life, msg man, random

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