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Would this count as a rant?

Communication is a useful way to share ideas, thoughts, information amongst many things. However, more than that, communication is vital; the very fabric of our modern society was only remotely achievable, only remotely feasible, was only because the people before us were able to communicate. They were able to communicate with each other, share what they felt, exchanged their ideas all for the purpose of either creating things that would benefit mankind as a whole, or even something as simple as learning how to understand differing cultures better.

Yet I find it very sad and ironic that it is this very same entity known as communication, that I am finding very neglected these days. Although wishing to avoid beating the dead horse, bringing up how technology has retarded communication amongst the people, especially youths, is unavoidable. Excessive texting/facebooking/internet message board posting has not only compromised the writing and speaking abilities of people (and the less said of how it affects one's spelling the better!), but also made many people social recluses, choosing to hide behind the safety of their monitor instead of heading out to the 'scary' real world.

However, the neglect of communication goes far beyond this admittedly extreme example. Everyday when I walk around, especially when I am at home in Singapore, I see or hear about countless problems. I see a worker not being able to make a correct order due to illegible handwriting and a fast food restaurant employee having to repeat herself as she mumbled the customer's order earlier. I also hear from a friend about how she was hurt by what another friend had said to her, only to find out that malice was not the intention of the comment.

All these examples of miscommunication, whether if it's something as small as illegible words, to something more major such as adopting the wrong tone of voice and hurting someone, are all still issues that bug me. It shows just how negligent people have become on how they communicate. 

Not enough people are doing the simple act of thinking before they speak. Just taking a few seconds to think; "I better make sure not to offend her, I recall she was sensitive about that", "This is a customer, I'd better say it nice and clear", or even to just wonder, "Wait, did that sound right?"; would make a whole world of difference.

There is a reason that we have scholars and even entire bodies who have done wonderfully extensive research on communication and what it stands for and means to us. Surely, it deserves to be treated far better than a mutter and staring at one's own shoes for a response?
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